Tracking Video Viewers with Custom User IDs/Emails

Tracking Video Viewers with Custom User IDs

Our system provides the capability to track video viewers using custom user IDs, emails, or any other fields that suit your needs. This feature allows you to gather detailed engagement metrics for individual users.

Enable Custom User Tracking

This option is available on some of our plans, please check the pricing page for details. If this option is available in your plan, you should see a tab "Custom User Tracking" on this page

Please click on "Custom User Tracking" and enable this option if it is disabled. Once the option has been enabled, you should be able to track videos using your custom user Ids/emails. Please follow this guide for further setup.

How It Works

To enable this functionality, simply add a URL parameter to either your page's URL or the URL within the iframe embed code.

Example for Page URL

If you have embedded the video player on a webpage, for example,, you only need to modify the URL as follows:

Example for Iframe Embed Code

If you prefer to modify the iframe embed code, update the URL within the embed code. For instance, change:


By incorporating these simple changes, you can effectively track individual viewers and gain insights into their engagement with your videos.

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