How to Choose Between Plans?

What are the differences between storage and standard plans?

Storage plans prioritize providing ample storage space for users to store their data, while stndard plans prioritize offering higher bandwidth for streaming media content.

What features do storage plans offer?

Storage plans typically offer larger storage capacities, allowing users to store a significant amount of videos.

What features do standard plans offer?

Standard plans prioritize providing higher bandwidth, enabling users to stream videos, and live broadcasts.

Which plan should I choose if I need to store a large amount of data?

If your primary need is to store a large amount of videos, then a storage plan would be more suitable for your requirements.

Can I switch between storage and standard plans?

You may have the flexibility to switch between storage and standard plans based on your changing needs. It's recommended to check your requirements and subscribe for a plan as per your needs.

What are the differences between standard and bandwidth plans?

Bandwidth plans include a greater allocation of bandwidth with a focus on regions such as Europe and the USA. Additionally, bandwidth plans typically incorporate CDN POPs in the USA and Europe to enhance streaming performance within these regions. Where as the standard plans include a global CDN.

How do I determine which plan is suitable for my needs?

Consider your specific requirements, including your target audience, streaming priorities, and geographical focus. If you primarily cater to audiences in Europe and the USA and don't need a lot of storage, a bandwidth plan may be more suitable. If you have a global audience and require reliable content delivery across diverse regions, a standard plan with global CDN coverage would be a better fit.

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