How to secure your videos on DynTube

Learn how you can use our security features to procted your videos against illegal downloads

We offer multiple levels of protection to protect your videos against illegal downloads. Here are some of the ways that you can use to protect the videos on DynTube.

  • Domain Whitelisting

  • Subscriptions & Password Protection

  • Video encryption

  • Extra Security

  • Token Authentication

Here are some more details about the feature.

Domain Whitelisting

You can whitelist the domains in our dashboard. Once any domains are added, only the whitelisted domains will be allowed to serve your videos. If someone tries to copy your embed code on a different domain, our system will throw an error page.

You can also add wildcards for directories on your domain. e.g: '*'. This will allow any link under the 'account' directory.

Video Encryption

This is the most powerful feature that allows you to encrypt your videos using secure keys. The encrypted videos will play only on the whitelisted domains and the security keys will be served to these domains only.

If people try to download the encrypted chunks of the videos, they won't be able to play those chunks.

Extra Security

This option might not be available in some of the Starter plans.

This is a project or video-level setting that puts an extra level of protection on top of video encryption. Once this option is turned on in the "VIDEO SETTINGS" of a project, then the videos will be more secure and they will only play in our video player. Any other video players won't be able to play the videos.

Token Authentication

The token authentication method allows you to generate tokenized URLs to access your videos in any video player or native mobile app. The tokenized URLs can have limits on who can play the videos from which region in the world and how many times a tokenized URL can be viewed.

You can add country-level & IP-level restrictions on a tokenized URL. Plus, you can limit the URL based on the view count of the video. So for example, if you put a limit that a tokenized URL should only be viewed 5 times, it will only serve video for 5 times and then an error page.

Subscriptions & Password Protection

Our system also allows you to create subscription-based access to your videos. You can create plans for your videos. The plans can have a times-based renewal i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Or a plan could contain temporary access to videos for a few days.

Once you have created a plan, you can add videos or channels to the plan. Then this plan can be assigned to your users. The users would have their usernames & passwords to log in and view the videos.

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