Video Options

Why the video can't be played on this host?

Please make sure that you have whitelisted your domains correctly here

Please add your domain name without the "http://" prefix. For instance, you can enter or It is not necessary to enter the full URL like Additionally, you can add a wildcard for a directory on your domain such as '*'. This will permit access to any link under the 'account' directory.

What does the "Extra Security" option entail?

If enabled, the "Extra Security" feature attempts to prevent video downloaders and browser plugins from functioning, ensuring heightened security.

How to transcode videos in web-friendly format?

You can use a tool similar to to transcode videos in a web-optimized fashion. The video output could be MP4 with the following settings: Preset: Fast 1080p30

Format: MP4 Check => Web optimized

Check => Align A/V Start

Check => Passthru Common Data

Video autoplay is not working?

Many modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari have implemented autoplay policies to prevent videos from automatically playing when the page loads. This is to improve the user experience and prevent unwanted noise or bandwidth consumption.

Autoplay policies can be influenced by various factors such as the user's browsing history, website permissions, and device settings. For example, some browsers may allow videos to autoplay if the user has interacted with the website before or if the website has been added to a list of allowed sites.

Please visit this link for more details:

Why are my videos transcoding slowly?

Video transcoding takes time and CPU because it involves several complex processes, including decoding the original video, processing and compressing it, and then encoding it back into a new format. These tasks require a significant amount of computational power, especially for high-resolution videos. Additionally, the amount of time and CPU resources required for transcoding depend on the original video's resolution, the target format, the processing operations involved, and the available hardware resources. Overall, video transcoding is a time-consuming and CPU-intensive task that requires careful optimization to achieve the desired results.

How to embed videos in Elementor?

Please follow these steps to embed videos in elementor:

  • Create a new elementor page.

  • Drag an HTML widget on your page.

  • Paste the embed code in the HTML widget on the sidebar.

How many videos I can upload on DynTube?

You are welcome to upload as many videos as you'd like to utilize your storage space on DynTube. However, we kindly ask that you refrain from uploading an excessive number of very short videos, particularly those that are 2-3 minutes or shorter in length. To ensure a fair and generous experience for all users, some accounts may be subject to a limit of 3000 videos per terabyte of storage space.

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