Video Playback Issues

Why are my encrypted videos not playing or displaying error messages?

If you're encountering issues with encrypted videos not playing correctly or showing error messages, follow these steps for resolution:

  1. Video Conversion: Start by converting your original video to a web-friendly MP4 format using tools like or a similar video converter. This ensures compatibility with most web browsers and playback environments.

  2. Re-upload: After converting the video, re-upload it to our platform. Ensure that the new MP4 version is used for this step.

  3. Disable Encryption: If the problem persists even after converting and re-uploading, consider temporarily disabling video encryption. You can do this by editing your project settings. Occasionally, some videos may have compatibility issues with encryption, and disabling it may resolve playback problems.

By following these steps, you can often address issues related to encrypted video playback and ensure a smoother viewing experience for your audience.

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