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Why Chromecast is not working?

If you have whitelisted any domains and encrypted the videos. The encryption keys for the videos will be provided only to whitelisted domains.

If you try to use Chromecast on TV or other devices, the videos might not work if the account has not been configured correctly.

Please go to this page in the dashboard

Make sure to turn on the option => Allow Encryption Key on All Origins.

What is the process for adding a logo to the DynTube player?

To add a logo to your player, simply access the following webpage: and navigate to the "Player Logo" section. From there, you will be able to upload your desired logo.

Can your system track video analytics if I use a custom video player?

No, our system is unable to track video play/pause and engagement events if you use a custom video player. These events can only be handled by your video player and are outside the scope of our system.

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