Video Uploads

Do you charge for video uploads, and does the uploaded data count toward my plan usage?

We offer free video uploads, and the data from your uploads does not count towards your plan usage.

To ensure fair and free upload usage for all our customers, we retain uploaded videos for a maximum of 48 hours.

If your account surpasses its storage limit, the uploaded files will be automatically removed after the mentioned duration. You will need to re-upload those videos to continue using our service.

What is the monthly upload limit for my account?

The monthly upload limit for your account is equivalent to the total storage capacity of your subscribed plan.

What is the outcome of deleting all of my storage? Can I upload again?

When you delete all of your storage, you will regain the equivalent amount of storage within 30 days. For example, if you upload 100GB of videos and then delete them, you will have 100GB of storage space restored after 30 days.

In an alternative scenario, if individuals repetitively delete and upload 100GB of data 1,000 times per month, they indirectly utilize 100TB of storage and video transcoding.

However, it is important to note that our $10/month plan does not permit 100TB of video transcoding. The storage and transcoding limit within the 100GB plan is set at 100GB for storage and an additional 100GB for video transcoding.

Does the upload limit apply even if I delete all my videos?

Yes, the upload limit applies even if you delete all the uploaded videos, resulting in zero MBs of videos used. This is because the cost of cloud storage is calculated based on monthly uploads and storage consumption. The deletion of videos won't make it a zero-sum.

How is storage consumption measured?

Let's consider a scenario where you have a DynTube account with a 1TB storage limit. Every day, you diligently upload 1TB worth of videos to our cloud, only to delete them the next day and replace them with fresh 1TB videos.

Here's where things get interesting. On the 30th day of the month, when you delete all the data and proceed to upload the next batch of 1TB videos, the dashboard will innocently display that you have used only 1TB of storage. However, our system takes into account the cumulative amount of data (30 TB) uploaded over the entire month.

So, even though your usage (after deletions) at any given point in time remains at 1TB, the actual transcoding and storage resources required to accommodate your daily uploads amount to a total of 30TB. That's because each day, 1TB of fresh data was added, resulting in a cumulative total of 30TB over the course of the month.

Please note that you get the upload limits back on the 31st day and our system monitors this situation daily. So for example, if you have a 2900GB storage limit and upload 100GB data every day, your limit will be reached on the 29th day and you will not be able to upload data on the 30th day. However, you can resume uploads on the 31st day.

What happens if I exceed the monthly upload limit?

If you exceed the monthly upload limit, you will not be able to upload any more videos until the next month. You may need to upgrade your plan to a higher storage capacity if you require more space.

Can I check my current storage consumption and upload limit?

Yes, you can check your current storage consumption and upload limit by accessing your dashboard => Account => Plans.

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