Screen Recording

Is it possible for online videos to fully protect against screen recording?
It is not currently possible for online videos to fully protect against screen recording, as there are various methods available that can be used to circumvent protection measures.
Even if a video is encrypted, a determined attacker may be able to use screen recording software to capture the video as it plays on the screen. Similarly, even if a video is played through a secure video player or uses DRM protection, an attacker may still be able to intercept the video data or find ways to bypass the security measures.
That being said, implementing security measures such as encryption, DRM, watermarking, and secure video players can still be effective in deterring screen recording and unauthorized access to video content. These measures can make it more difficult for attackers to capture or access the video content, and may discourage them from attempting to do so.
Is it possible for Google Widevine to prevent screen recording with a 100% guarantee?
Google Widevine is a powerful DRM solution that provides a high level of protection against screen recording and other forms of unauthorized access to video content. It uses encryption, authentication, and key management to encrypt content and only allows authorized users to decrypt it. Widevine also uses secure hardware or software to store the decryption key, making it difficult for attackers to intercept or steal the key. However, while Widevine provides a high level of protection, no security solution can guarantee 100% protection against screen recording or other forms of attack.